Announcement on Sediment Issue from the Pawtuxet River

February 20, 2024

Cranston Mayor Ken Hopkins shares an important message from Representative Joe McNamara regarding a sediment issue from the Pawtuxet River:

"For the past year, I have been working with BASF Corporation. This company acquired the former Ciba Geigy chemical company site to develop a sediment sampling plan for the Pawtuxet River. BASF is under the regulatory oversight of the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

The recent flooding of the Pawtuxet River has caused river sediment to be washed downstream and deposited on abutting homes and businesses. Flooding in both 2010 and last month left fowl-smelling sediment deposits on many downstream properties.

Last year, I sponsored legislation requiring BASF to conduct a sediment sampling program to determine whether or not this sediment contains Volatile Organic Compounds or PCBs. I am pleased to inform you that BASF has submitted a Sediment Sampling Workplan to the EPA. It has also developed a website to help inform our neighbors and businesses downstream from this superfund site.” - Rep. Joe McNamara

The sediment plan and plans for remediation will be published at: