Streets and Sidewalks

Sidewalk and Curb Installation:
Requirements governing streets and sidewalks can be found in the City Code Section 12, and in DPW-published "Specifications for Highways Covering Residential and Industrial Developments.

Street Lighting:
For maintenance issues with the streetlights, repair service can be requested by calling the Public Works office at 780-3175.

If possible when reporting an outage, please provide us with the pole number of the streetlight of concern. The number is a tag installed by National Grid and is located at about eye level on the pole. This will assist the City in assigning work to repair crews.

Street Paving and Repairing:
Historically, the city has spent close to $2,000,000 per year paving and repairing city streets. The Department of Public Works welcomes resident input regarding conditions of roads and need for repairs. All requests are given proper attention and considerations when the yearly work list is being compiled.

Sidewalk Replacement Cost Share Program:
A new cost share program to assist property owners in replacing existing sidewalks in the city is available. Please check on the attachment for details on how to apply and receive reimbursement.