Cranston Historical Cemeteries Commission

The Cranston Historical Cemeteries Commission was established by the Cranston City Council and is a group of volunteers, appointed by the city, to locate, assess, document, and provide signage for Cranston’s historic cemeteries. Documentation of these cemeteries includes physical location, GPS Coordinates, cemetery description and condition, and gravestone information in photographic, electronic and hard format. All data will be compatible with the software and methods used by the Rhode Island Historical Cemetery Commission. The Commission will provide leadership for all volunteer citizens who wish to work with the commission in carrying out the maintenance and documentation of our historical cemeteries. The Commission will attempt to answer any questions from Cranston Citizens and others regarding the cemeteries and those buried within them. The Commission, with the help of volunteers, will strive to provide maintenance of the grounds, the repair and restoration of stones, walls, and fences as resources become available.

We formally meet on the second Tuesday of each month (March-November) at 6:30pm at the Sprague Mansion located at 1351 Cranston Street. These meetings are open to the public for those who wish to bring an issue of concern to the Commission, to learn more about what we do, or to become more involved. Attendance at meetings is not necessary to volunteer with our group.

It is only with the assistance of volunteers in our community that we can achieve our goals. We would like to thank everyone who has contributed their time and treasure to assist us and are excited to continue working with Cranston’s citizens in doing great work to improve our many historical cemeteries. If you are interested in volunteering with us, require community service hours, would like to learn more about Cranston’s cemeteries, or if you have any questions or concerns regarding Cranston cemeteries, please feel free to contact us by phone or through any of the following sites.

Contact David Guiot, Commission Chairman 401-219-0786

Cranston Historic Cemetery Commission Facebook