Councilwoman Jessica Marino

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Address: 799 Natick Ave., Cranston, RI 02921 

Claims Committee (Ex-Officio)
Public Works Committee (Ex-Officio)
Ordinance Committee (Ex-Officio)
Safety Services & Licenses Committee (Ex-Officio)
Finance Committee (Ex-Officio)
Rules Committee (Ex-Officio)

I have committed my life to a role of sacrifice and hard work. As a daughter of Italian immigrants and a lifelong Rhode Islander, I worked my way through college and law school. For the last twenty two years and counting, I have been a civil litigation defense attorney. As a lawyer, I fully understand what it is like to be the voice for someone else; the importance of listening and problem solving; and to be able to agree to disagree in a civil manner.  These vital skills are inherent in who I am and what I do each day.  It is my humble pleasure to work together to solve our problems in order to continue to move Cranston forward.  

For over twenty three years, my husband and I have proudly called Cranston our home having lived in both the eastern and western parts of the city.  As a working mother of two school-aged children, I understand the importance of a good education and the challenges families face in these unprecedented times.

It is my privilege to represent the great people of our City in the role of their Citywide Council representative.