Boards and Commissions

Boards and Commissions

PLEASE NOTE: This page is under construction as Boards and Commissions listings are actively being reviewed and updated.

The City has several Boards and Commissions whose members are appointed either by the Mayor, the Council President, the City Council or a combination thereof. If it is a Mayoral appointment, you should contact the Mayor’s office directly. If it is a Council President or Council appointment, you may contact either the Council President or Council member directly, or the City Clerk’s office.

Below is a listing of all active Boards and Commissions in the City of Cranston. Click on the Board to see the current Board members and when their terms expire, and any current or upcoming vacancies. In addition, certain positions on a Board have certain requirements such as residency, expertise, or education, which are set out in the description section.

Additional information on each Board may be found in either the City Charter, the City Code, or the R.I. General Laws.

If you are interested in serving on a particular Board which has a current vacancy or an upcoming vacancy, you should contact the appointing authority designated in the upper right corner for that position.