City Clerk/Records & Licenses


At the head of this department is the City Clerk, who appoints a Clerk of Committees. This department keeps all city records and vital statistics, issues licenses, collects fees, and records deeds. The City Clerk is ex-officio clerk of the Probate Court and registrar of deeds. It is the responsibility of the City Clerk to maintain the records of the Probate Court and the City Council.

Vital Records:
For information on how to obtain certified copies of births, deaths and marriage certificates, click the links related to the topic in the right side menu. If you have any questions please call (401) 780-3192

Probate Court: Call (401) 780-3197 

Recorder Of Deeds - Land Evidence: Call (401) 780-3130

City Council Business or its Committees: Call (401) 780-3194

Business Licenses : Call (401) 780-3195