Marriage Licenses and Requirements

How to Apply for a Marriage License:

Cranston City Hall - Room 207
Monday – Friday 8:30 am until 4 pm by appointment only.

• One of the parties must be a Cranston resident.
• When both parties are out of state residents must apply in the city/town where the marriage will take place.
• Both parties must be 18 years of age. (if under 18 see Minor’s Permit below)
• Application may be completed on line BUT MUST BE SIGNED IN OFFICE.
• Both parties must appear in person
• License fee is $24.00. License is valid for three months, and if not used must be returned to the City Clerk.
• Both parties must be 18 years of age. (if under 18 see Minor’s Permit below)
• The license is issued when you come in, there is no waiting period.
• The license is valid only in Rhode Island

What you need to bring

• Governmental issued photo ID with proof of residency. (valid driver’s license).
• Birth certificate, full copy, IS REQUIRED. Refugees who cannot obtain their birth records may present a passport or alien card subject to verification by Immigration.
• If not a first marriage, proof of dissolution of prior marriage(s)
In the form of either a certified copy of Final Judgment or Court annulment.
If by death, a certified copy of the deceased’s death certificate.

Minor’s Permit to Marry

If both parties are over 16 but under 18, a minor’s permit VS10 must be obtained.
Both parents must appear in person and accompany each minor to give written consent in the presence of the City Clerk. In cases of divorce where a parent has sole custody, that parent must sign. Proof of sole custody must be provided in the form of a certified Final Judgment.

If either minor is under the age of 16, a Family Court Order must be obtained before a Minor’s Permit to Marry will be issued. A certified copy must be provided to the City Clerk.

For questions on marriages, births or deaths call:

Rose Zanni, at or 401-780-3194

Brittney Richards, at or 401-780-3236

Dawn Zanni
, at or 401-780-3197

Maranda Botelho, at or 401-780-3195

Roberta Turchetta, at or 401-780-3192