Marriage Licenses and Requirements

How to Apply for a Marriage License:

Cranston City Hall - Room 207
Monday – Friday 8:30 am until 3:30 pm by appointment only.

• One of the parties must be a Cranston resident.
• When both parties are out of state residents must apply in the city/town where the marriage will take place.
• Both parties must be 18 years of age.
• Application may be completed on line BUT MUST BE SIGNED IN OFFICE.
• Both parties must appear in person
• License fee is $24.00. License is valid for three months, and if not used must be returned to the City Clerk.
• The license is issued when you come in, there is no waiting period.
• The license is valid only in Rhode Island

What you need to bring

• Governmental issued photo ID with proof of residency. (valid driver’s license).
• Birth certificate, full copy, IS REQUIRED. Refugees who cannot obtain their birth records may present a passport or alien card subject to verification by Immigration.
• If not a first marriage, proof of dissolution of prior marriage(s)
In the form of either a certified copy of Final Judgment or Court annulment.
If by death, a certified copy of the deceased’s death certificate.

For questions on marriages, births or deaths call:

Rose Zanni, at or 401-780-3194

Brittney Richards, at or 401-780-3236

Dawn Zanni
, at or 401-780-3197

Maranda Botelho, at or 401-780-3195

Roberta Turchetta, at or 401-780-3192