No Bin No Pickup Notice


Beginning on October 1st 2009,due to new State of Rhode Island recycling mandates enacted in June 2008, the City of Cranston shall be implementing a No Bin, No Pick-Up Policy under the provisions of the City of Cranston Codified Ordinance 8.32.010, approved on December 2, 2008. Your cooperation in following the guidelines listed below will help us to meet these requirements.

Residents must separate and recycle all recyclable materials and place them into the approved containers, i.e., cans, bottles, and plastics into blue bin; paper and cardboard into green bin.

Under the new policy, a minimum of one recycling container must be present at curbside in order for regular "trash" to be collected. Recyclable materials must be placed in the approved blue and green containers and/or in an approved manner as prescribed by the City. Containers may be less than full but not empty of recyclable material and must not contain a mixture of recyclable types, such as paper and cardboard mixed with cans and bottles. More detailed information about recycling may be obtained from , click on Public Works or contact the Department of Public Works at 401-780-3175.

All refuse must be placed at curbside no later than 6:15 AM on the designated collection day.

Leave emptied recycling bins at curbside until "trash" has been collected. Failure to do so may result in "trash" not being collected.

Any refuse not collected due to non-compliance must be removed from curbside by the resident by 11:59 PM on the designated collection day and set out for collection the following week.

Failure to comply with these or any other Department of Public Works policies may result in the issuance of fines under the provisions of 8.28.100 of City of Cranston Codified Ordinance.