Public Works Directory


Public Works

 * Clerk

Cheryl Ann Byers
780-3175 (phone)
780-3176 (fax)

Clean City Coordinator
Joseph DiCarlo
401-780-3174 (phone)
401-780-3176 (fax)

Director of Public Works
Richard Bernardo P.E.
401-780-3245 (phone)
401-7803176 (fax)

Environmental Program Manager
Edward Tally
780-3173 (phone)
780-3176 (fax)

Traffic Safety Manager
Stephen Mulcahy
780-3202 (phone)
780-3176 (fax)

Rodent Control Coordinator
David Laquale
780-3172 (phone)
780-3176 (fax)

Chief Engineer
Justin Mateus P.E.
780-3185 (phone)

City Surveyor
Robert Maio
780-6175 (phone)

Tree Warden/Engineering Tech
John Skorupski
780-6171 (phone)


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An asterisk (*) indicates that the person is the main contact for the department. If you cannot find the exact department/person you are looking for, the main City Hall telephone number is (401) 461-1000.