Traffic and Highways

Bureau of Traffic Safety:
The Bureau of Traffic Safety is responsible for maintaining traffic signs, centerline striping and crosswalk striping along city owned highways in Cranston. Additionally, street name identification signs are maintained on all highways in the community. Depending on the type of traffic control device, City Council action may or may not be necessary. If the request for a particular traffic control involves a state highway, the State Traffic Commission must consider the request.

Any questions pertaining to the above should be referred to the Traffic Safety Manager at (401) 780-3202.

Highway Maintenance Division:
The Highway Maintenance Division's responsibilities include repair and maintenance of over 320 miles of city streets, various city-owned sidewalks and all public properties.

In maintaining this city property, the Highway Maintenance Division is responsible for the following:
* Snow removal and treatment of icy conditions during winter months.
* Repairing all deficiencies in roadway surfaces resulting from winter conditions and normal wear and tear.
* Removal of all sand and debris from city streets and public properties.
* Maintaining visibility pertaining to vegetation overgrowth in spring and summer.
* Cutting grass.
* Collection and disposal of litter.

For more information, call (401) 942-9200, Monday through Friday, 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM.