Poll Workers

Interested in Being a Pollworker?

Please consider being a poll worker in your community on Election Day.

Visit the Rhode Island Board of Elections Poll Worker Information web page
for details and a pollworker application, or call the Cranston Board of Canvassers at 401-780-3127 to request more information.

Pollworker positions in the City of Cranston include Moderators, Clerks, Supervisors, and Greeters. Pay rates ranges from $175 for Supervisors and Greeters to $225 for Clerks and Moderators.

In order to serve as a pollworker, you must be:

- Registered to vote in Rhode Island.
- Able to read the Rhode Island Constitution in English.
- Able to write your own name.
- Available to work the entire day of the election, from 6 a.m. until approximately 9 p.m.
- Attend a training class conducted by the state Board of Elections and pass a test regarding the material covered in the class.

- You cannot leave your assigned polling place for any reason; this includes voting, lunch, or dinner breaks. If your assigned work precinct is not where you vote, and you would like to cast a ballot, you must do so by mail ballot before Election Day.
- You cannot serve as a pollworker if you are a convicted felon.
- You cannot serve as a Cranston pollworker in a Primary if you are employed by the City of Cranston. This law is not applicable to the General Election.

High school students are also eligible to work as pollworkers. You may be eligible to work at the polls if you are at least 16-years-old, a junior or senior, have at least a 2.5 GPA, and receive permission from school officials.