Fire Department Directory


Fire Department

Chief of Department
James Warren
467-1560 (fax)

* Chief Clerk
Tracy Grady
780-4015 (phone)
467-1560 (fax)

Administrative Clerk
Lisa Iarossi
780-4031 (phone)
467-1560 (fax)

Apparatus Maintenance Division
Bob Corsi, Head Mechanic
780-4011 (phone)
467-1560 (fax)

Emergency Medical Services Division
Paul Casey, Deputy Chief
780-4021 (phone)
467-1560 (fax)

Fire Alarm Division
Paul Desorcy, Superintendent
780-4014 (phone)
780-4050 (fax)

Fire Prevention Clerk
Kimberly O'Brian
401-780-4016 (phone)
401-467-1560 (fax)

Hazardous Material Division
Daniel Marcinko, Deputy Chief
780-4042 (phone)
467-1560 (fax)

Training Division
Richard Mancini, Deputy Chief
780-4022 (phone)
467-1560 (fax)

Contact the Fire Department

An asterisk (*) indicates that the person is the main contact for the department. If you cannot find the exact department/person you are looking for, the main City Hall telephone number is (401) 461-1000.