School Committee Directory

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School Committee

City Wide

Michael A. Traficante
751-1011 / 480-1813 (c) (phone)

Ward 1
Sara K. Tindall-Woodman
699-9097 (phone)

Ward 2
Kristen E. Haroian
467-8098 (phone)

Ward 3
Domenic F. Fusco, Jr.
946-0838 (phone)

Ward 4
Vincent L. Turchetta, Jr
572-2654 (c) (phone)

Ward 5
David A. Alden Sears
338-9934 (phone)

Ward 6
Daniel R. Wall
935-8935 (phone)

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If you cannot find the exact department/person you are looking for, the main City Hall telephone number is (401) 461-1000.