Natick Avenue Solar Advisory Committee

An ad hoc Advisory Committee was formed consistent with Condition #3 of the Natick Avenue Solar Major Land Development, Master Plan approval. The purpose of the Advisory Committee is to work with the City’s selected landscape architect, Sara Bradford of Bradford & Associates, to review the landscape buffer plan prior to the Development Plan Review and Preliminary Plan application review processes.

The Advisory Committee is comprised of the applicant’s representative Lindsay McGovern, Senior Planner Joshua Berry, City Plan Commissioner Fred Vincent, and Drake Patten and Daniel Zevon as the elected representatives of the abutting and surrounding neighborhood.

The applicant is tasked with working with this ad hoc Advisory Committee using an inclusive approach, taking into consideration buffer widths, both the understory and canopy as to appear naturalized, and focus on native species to include a mix of maturities, coniferous, and deciduous plant types.