Notice of Public Hearing for Polling Place Relocations

October 5, 2023


The Cranston Board of Canvassers will meet on Tuesday, Oct. 10 at 5:30 p.m. at City Hall in Council Chambers, Third Floor, 869 Park Ave for the purpose of conducting a public hearing for comment and feedback on proposed changes to two (2) default polling locations.

The proposal is to move the William R. Dutemple Elementary School polling location (Precinct 0713) back to Eden Park Elementary School, and to move the CLCF Building – Gym polling location (Precinct 0714) back to Garden City Elementary School.

Garden City School and Eden Park School previously served as the polling locations for each of the precinct neighborhoods that the Board of Canvassers is considering re-establishing them for. The two locations were moved to Dutemple and CLCF for the 2022 elections only, due to the ongoing construction projects at both schools that prevented their use as polling locations.

This move was intended to be temporary, so this action by the Board of Canvassers is to move the original polling locations back to within the neighborhood precincts they serve, now that school construction is complete. Both schools are centrally located within the precinct, fully ADA compliant, and are the long-time, historically used polling locations for each area.

This move will significantly reduce travel time to the polling location for the vast majority of residents of each precinct, as for most residents the relocated polling place will be within walking distance in the heart of their neighborhood. The gym will be utilized as the polling room at each school, utilizing entrance doors that lead directly into the room from outside.

Dutemple School and CLCF will no longer be used as polling locations, however, each facility will be kept in reserve as options in the event any other nearby polling locations become unavailable for any reason.

If the Board of Canvassers approves both default polling location changes, further approval and public hearing will be held by the state Board of Elections, at a date to be determined. The new locations are not anticipated to be used until the 2024 election cycle, and all voter households in each precinct will receive a post card notice of polling place change prior to the next regular or special election that the polling locations will be used for.

If you have any questions or comments regarding this notice, or questions regarding the public hearing on Oct. 10, please contact the Canvassing Authority at 401-780-3128 or email